Caroline dreamt of a garden theme wedding and there is no island more suitable for this than Kefalonia. Caroline and Dan were torn when it came to deciding where in the world they would have their destination wedding but after some thinking it was clear to them that Greece was the way to go. As the bride’s father has Greek origins, it seemed only natural that they would honor her roots, and we could not have been happier or prouder to organise the family’s second wedding after Caroline’s sister, Olivia also trusted Stella & Moscha with her wonderful wedding in Santorini  (see Olivias wedding here) . The island of Kefalonia was the one to win them over with its luscious forests, colorful fields and sandy beaches that almost demand that you breath in nature and freshness. Caroline and Dan also treated their guests to a private cruise around Kefalonia, visiting hidden beaches and coves only accessible by boat. Both family and friends enjoyed this unique experience in the Ionian Sea, adding to their good spirits. The ceremony took place at the small church of Agios Gerasimos, built in the 18th century in the village of Tselentata, only minutes away from the fairytale Fiskardo, on the North cost of the island. We were all extremely happy that Hotel Emelisse was able to accommodate the cocktail hour and reception at its private, pine tree surrounded pool overlooking the island of Ithaca and on top of this beautiful location, the very helpful staff and owners made the process of organising everything as well as the actual wedding easy and smooth. Locally grown flowers and greenery were in the centre of the decorations and the lamps floating above the reception area emitted this back garden feeling that Caroline was looking for, yet the golden and crystal décor details elevated the event to its fitting formality.

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Credits: Wedding Planning & Design: Stella And Moscha // Photography: Adrian Wood // Videographer: Wed.Films // Makeup Artist: Mika Kouri  // Hair Stylist: George Laskaratos // Venue: Emelisse // Flowers: Bosonis  // Rental Items: White lilac