Wei and Marissa are based down under in Perth, Australia. They chose the beautiful Greek Islands for their destination wedding after researching Honeymoon locations. In fact, a destination wedding wasn't even on the cards until Marissa had seen beautiful images of Santorini and fell in love with the place. Here are a few images from their pre wedding engagement session which was photographed before their big day.

Photographer: Anna Roussos: www.annaroussos.com

Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0001 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0002 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0003 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0004 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0005 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0006 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0007 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0008 Pre-Wedding-Engagement-Shoot-Santorini-0009 Contact us for your Pre Wedding Engagement Shoot in Santorni. We can help to plan this as well as your wedding in Santorini. signature-moscha