Dearest Readers, Hope everyone is enjoying Easter Holidays.  For those who already have celebrated Easter wish you had a great time, and for those of you who are already on holidays for Greek Easter, hope you are making the most of it wherever you are.  Have to admit that it's been a while since my last post but i will make it up today with two new ones! It's the start of the season which means many couples are visiting the islands to scout/view locations, meetings with wonderful couples, on the count down for our 2012 weddings  and wonderful new blog and magazine features (which you will see on my next post for today). Needless to say Easter is one of the most sacred celebrations for Greece. Church ceremonies, bells ringing, the astounding smell of spring, mouthwatering Melitinia, homemade cookies, Easter bread and delicacies, red dyed eggs, the gathering of fresh flowers by children for Epitaphio , the list is endless.  On the look for Easter celebrations have found some really interesting blogs describing in detail preparations for Easter Foods and traditions and some pictures depicting an array of festivities. The picture i would like to share with you today is the first Melitini i made (traditional dessert prepared during Easter in Santorini).  Have been following this tradition since i was a child.  A tradition my grandmother (born and raised in Santorini) has taught me and tried to follow ever since.  Its the smell that reminds me that Easter has arrived!  You can smell it everywhere! Amongst its ingredients the "leading stars" are: Mastiha Chiou and a soft cheese from Ios Island.  Have found some recipes here and here.

A traditional Easter dessert of Santorini

a traditional Easter dessert from Santoriniall pictures taken from my iphone

Do you have any local Easter traditions? Do you still follow them today? Which are the ones you couldn't live without? What is your "smell" of Easter?  Do you have some other recipes you'd like to share with me? Warm Island Greetings,