When summer fades to fall, weddings amongst the golden leaves are officially on the horizon. Couples automatically think of summer weddings when Greece is chosen as a destination. When Grace & Ryan first contacted our team we were ‘head over heals’ excited to organize a wedding in such a unique location and in Autumn. They had a clear vision from the start about the style of the wedding; it had to look & feel natural, laid back and wanted to involve family and friends with decorations. We worked a lot together in getting the right colors for the season and bringing everything together in this Villa which is literally on the far end of Evia island, on a cliff with very little or any services available around it. Sure weddings are all about the beautiful details but they are more importantly about the love, and family and all those memories were so beautifully captured by George Pahountis. See even more on the Love4Weddings blog which recently 'hosted' this beautiful soiree. Rustic Fall Wedding Wedding ideas Wedding in Evoia 0721 Wedding in Greece Rustic wedding in Greece Fall Wedding in Greece Wedding Menu Destination Wedding Wedding in Greece Greek Wedding Planner Wedding Photography Greek Island Weddings Weddings in Greece Destination Weddings in Greece Rustic Wedding Greece Real Wedding Island Weddings Outdoor Weddings Trendy Grooms 0039 0081 0087 Trendy Groom 0172 0183 0193 0237 0271 0330 0389 0416 0439 0487 0499 0564 0576 0625 0667