Hindu Weddings are really colourful, in fact they are incredibly colourful!  Organising a Hindu Wedding is a Wedding Planner’s ultimate dream as there is so much going on before, during and after the ceremony that is totally overwhelming for the couple. 

When Dimitri and Seema contacted our team we were head over heels thrilled to work with them in planning their destination Hindu Wedding on Santorini island. They both wanted to honour Seema’s family traditions but at the same time keep things toned down to align with the islands minimalistic style. 

The truth is that Santorini is the perfect blank canvas for going wild with colors: fuschias, turquoise, orange, peackock, yellows, stark blues.  Below we are sharing photos of what went on during the ‘making of’ this wedding. 

We started the day by building a canopy dressed with a hot pink gauze fabric curtain. The florists created arcaic pots and numerous baskets bursting with the most wonderful blue petals. The swimming pool was filled with floating glass balls of gerbera flowers, chairs were decorated with real peacock feathers whilst the area was filled up with colorful cushions which the bride had sourced at her local market in London.   

It was a great experience to work alongside the family Pundit in setting up the ceremony area; the elements and symbolism of all items used were really inspiring to us: fruit, bows, flowers, wreaths, fire, ceramics and more. 

Here are the preparations...

Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0001 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0002 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0003 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0004 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0005 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0006 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0007 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0008 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0009 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0010 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0011 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0012 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0021 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0022 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0023 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0024 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0025 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0026 Hindu-wedding-planner-greece-santorini-0027

Here was the result...

Hindu wedding in Santorini Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0002 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0003 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0004 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0005 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0006 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0007 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0008 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0009 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0010 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0011 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0012 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0013 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0014 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0015 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0016 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0017 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0018 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0019 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0020 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0021 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0022 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0023 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0024 Hindu-wedding-in-santorini-0025

Styling, Planning & Coordination: StellaAndMoscha // Venue: Rocabella Hotel // Florist: Santorinis Flowers // Photographer: Poole Brothers  // Tent & Equipment Rental: Pro-Support

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