Andriana and Alex’s Destination Wedding weekend was the perfect blend of relaxation, elegance, celebration and honoring roots. Set on the stunning island of Santorini in Greece, each moment was full of beautiful vintage details, old world charm, bright skies and a spirited group of guests ready to celebrate with the bride and groom. The ceremony took place at the Cathedral Church of Santorini on the cliff-edge overlooking the volcano. The couple wanted to honor their heritage, so in true Greek style Alex waited for the Bride outside the church, whilst Andriana was serenaded by local musicians; a custom which has survived throughout the centuries. Champagne cocktails & dinner followed at the La Maltese which has an extraordinary view of the uber-famous sunsets of Santorini. Since this was an intimate wedding with 40 guests we set up a long table so it felt like a family gathering. It was truly touching to see the entire wedding saying a prayer before dinner with this dramatic background. One of our favorite details was the mirror ‘aisle’ that covered the centre of the entire dinner table adorned with candles and touches of silver & gold creating a wonderful vintage-like sparkle. A mix of porcelain and glass vases filled with lush bouquets of hydrangeas, orchids and roses complemented the look. The sun hit the water just in front of the glass vases making them sparkle, and there where just enough clouds in the sky to make a perfect soft box for photos. A Greek Band made sure there was enough ‘syrtaki’ whilst the mighty-talented Showtime DJ’s kept everyone on the dance floor until the early hours of the morning. The wedding had the couple's stamp all over it, whilst also paying homage to what the island of Santorini stands for. All of this was captured perfectly by George Pahountis. Intimate Santorini Wedding at La Maltese Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0002 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0003 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0004 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0005 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0006 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0007 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0008 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0009 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0010 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0011 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0012 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0013 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0014 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0015 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0016 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0017 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0018 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0019 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0020 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0021 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0022 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0023 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0024 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0025 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0026 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0027 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0028 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0029 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0030 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0031 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0032 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0033 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0034 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0035 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0036 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0037 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0038 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0039 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0040 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0042 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0041 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0043 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0044 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0045 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0046 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0047 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0048 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0049 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0050 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0051 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0052 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0053 Intimate-Santorini-Wedding-at-La-Maltese-0054 Watch the wonderful short video of entire day's events here! You will be certainly inspired. Styling, Planning & Coordination: StellaAndMoscha // Venue: La Maltese // Florist: Fabio Zardi // Paper Goods: Crane // Photographer: George Pahountis // Cinematographer: Wedfilms // Music & Lights: Show Time // Make up: Eleni Ilio MakeUp // Hair: Bella // Bridesmaid's Dresses: Calvin Klein // Head Piece: Janay A // Wedding Gown & Veil: Martina Liana // Bride's Shoes: Badgley Mischka Contact StellaAndMoscha for your Intimate Santorini Wedding at La Maltese