Couples often ask the question: “What happens on the wedding day in the lead up to the actual wedding?” It is sometimes difficult for the bride and groom to understand, so what better way to do this than by showing the ‘behind the scenes’ of an actual wedding.

Today we are featuring Jason and Mai’s wedding who chose to say their I do’s in late October last year. Mai, who is an event planner herself, was one of the coolest brides we have had the pleasure to work with. Jason was really relaxed and enjoyed every moment of the process. The couple decided to hire two photographers so we were lucky to have both  Thanos Asfis and Yiannis Alefantou behind the cameras.

Jason and Mai both remained calm and positive despite the windy and rainy weather when they first arrived on Santorini. Even with adverse weather conditions we had a lot of fun during their ceremony rehearsal as well as trying cocktails with the groomsmen.

Jason visited us with his mother while we where setting up for the dinner and in the mean time Mai was having her hair and make up done and enjoying Champagne with the girls. They were rewarded for staying positive with wonderful weather which materialised just before the ceremony was about to start.

We hope you enjoy seeing the process here as much as we did planning the wedding and on the day! Here is the "before"... including rehearsal of the ceremony the day before, tasting of cocktails, preparations with hair & make-up, ceremony and reception set ups, touch-ups during the couple shoot and more...

Greek Island Wedding Planners GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0002 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0003 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0004 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0005 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0006 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0007 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0008 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0010 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0009 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0011 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0012 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0013 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0014 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0015 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0016 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0017 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0018 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0019 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0020 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0021 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0022 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0023 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0024 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0025 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0026 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0027 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0028 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0029 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0030 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0031 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0032 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0033 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0034 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0035 GREEK-ISLAND-WEDDING-PLANNERS-0037 And this is the "after"... wedding in santorini by stella and moscha wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-002 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-003 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-004 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-005 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-006 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-007 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-008 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-009 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-010 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-011 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-012 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-013 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-014 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-015 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-023 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-016 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-017 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-022 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-018 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-020 wedding-in-santorini-by-stella-moscha-021

Wedding Planning & Design: StellaAndMoscha // Ceremony: Katikies The Hotel // Reception: Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites // Photography: Thanos Asfis and Yiannis Alefantou // Make up: Renia Bledaki // Hair: Georgia Theodoraki

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