The past few weeks a senior editor from Destination Weddings and Honeymoons has approached me and Stella. One of the main things we talked about was top tips for couples planning a destination wedding in Greece.  Interested on finding out? Read our four top tips which may help you on your destination wedding in Greece:

Wedding in Santorini

photo Ipokratis Alexiou | Event planning and design StellaAndMoscha

Plan Early

The Greek islands are renowned for their unique landscapes, great weather and being able to host your ceremony in unique open spaces.  Choosing to marry on a Greek island makes you a more adventurous out of the ordinary couple.  Having in mind that Greece is not a country that invented destination weddings things here move at a more “glacial” pace if I could say.  You should allow some more time for researching your preferred venue and getting answers from vendors/celebrants/priests. Also you should be thinking about giving enough time to your guests to plan their trip.

Greek Island Wedding

photo Michael Renga | Event planning and design StellaAndMoscha

Hire a wedding planner

Hire a wedding planner you feel comfortable with and trust.  People tend to think that wedding planners are really costly and are only for the big weddings.  This is a myth. A Good planner will preserve vendor prices, stick to your budget, present you with more ideas than one, manage your event logistics, keep everyone on schedule, and help you make good selections by presenting you with fine examined options.  A Wedding planner will surely better communicate with vendors due to language difference.  Let your wedding planner know what your expectations are before hiring her and choose your convenient mean of communicating with her, which makes you feel comfortable.

Kirini Hotel Santorini Wedding

photo Ipokratis Alexiou | Event planning and design StellaAndMoscha

Set a budget

Before deciding on your favorite flowers, colors, and spending endless time pinning your favorite details you have to set your budget. This is probably the best and first thing you should do.  There are many free online budget software out there, and even if you are not so tech savvy a simple calculator and a spreadsheet will help set you up.   Your wedding budget will work as a tracking system for all things wedding related from vendors, to makeup and hair.  This will help you not only keep track of what you spend but also decide on which items you want to spend more, which less and what things you might end up not needing.

Greek Chapel in Santorini

photo Antonis Eleftherakis | Event planning and design StellaAndMoscha

Prepare for surprises

It is not often the case that rain might surprise you on your wedding day, or you might randomly meet a donkey gang on your way to your Greek island Chapel.  Greek tradition has it that rain symbolizes lots of children and “donkeys” bring good fortune.  Nonetheless a good wedding planner will guide you through the good months of hosting your Greek island wedding as well as warn you how to avoid unwanted surprises.  Better than this is to stay calm and enjoy your day without planning too much.

Wedding in Santorini

photo Ipokratis Alexiou | Event planning and design StellaAndMoscha

Warm Island Greetings,