Hindu wedding in Santorini

Dimitri Seema

Hindu weddings are colorful. In fact, they are incredibly colorful. Organising it is a Wedding Planner’s dream as there is so much going on before, during and after the ceremony.

When Dimitri and Seema contacted our team, we were thrilled to work with them in planning their wedding on Santorini. They wanted to honor Seema’s family traditions, but at the same time keep things toned down to align with the island’s minimalistic style.

Santorini is the perfect blank canvas for going wild with colors: fuchsias, turquoise, orange, peacock, yellows, stark blues. We built a canopy dressed with a hot pink gauze fabric curtain. The florists created archaic pots and numerous baskets bursting with the most splendid blue petals. The swimming pool was filled with floating glass balls of gerbera flowers, the chairs were decorated with real peacock feathers, and the whole area was full of colorful cushions. The elements and symbolism of all items used were such an inspiration for us too: fruit, bows, flowers, wreaths, fire, ceramics, and more. Working alongside the family’s pundit – their Hindu priest – to set up the ceremony was such a valuable and unforgettable experience for us.

Photographer: Poole Brothers


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